Don't look for love, it's love that will find you - Quote in pics  

Don't look for love, it's love that will find you


Let love find you, and don't insist so much on finding it.

Don't look for love, it's love that will find you.
Once you have it in front of you,
you will know that your search is over.
Then cling on to it.

How will you know that it is love that has arrived?
When despite letting you fly free
it is always waiting for you.

Don't ever let such a love go.
It's the love you've been looking for.

© Shoshan


We spend half our lives
searching for love...
but love is not to be found,
it is love that finds you.

A true love,
one that sets you free,
that always trusts in you
and motivates you
to give more of yourself...

An authentic love that trusts you
because it knows that you will also
know how to respect it.

That love, when it comes,
will be easy to recognize
so do not let it go
because it is the love
you were seeking.


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