No one hates your ex more than your best friends - Quote in pics  

No one hates your ex more than your best friends


If you're going through a rough time, if you're thinking of going back to him, if you're not sure why you've grown estranged, turn to your friends.

No one hates your ex
more than your best friends.


We, your friends,
watch over you,
we, your true friends,
want your happiness,
your stability and well-being.

No, we do not want to see you hurt,
but neither do we want to see you
get your hopes up
for something useless,
vain or fruitless.

Your relationship with that person
turned out to be futile, sterile,
it did you more harm than good,
and here we are,
the friends who love you,
we are here to protect you
and counsel you well,
and if possible,
to keep you away
from someone
who we know very well
that is not good for you.

Your ex is not suitable for you,
not convenient, not any good.
And we, your friends, will remind you
once and a thousand times,
as many times as necessary,
because we really love you
and want the best for you!

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