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Message to my mom in heaven


Message to my mom in heaven

Mom, I cherish every memory like a precious treasure that will accompany me until we meet again in eternity.

I miss you, Mom, with every step I take, and though I know I can't have you back, I treasure every memory of you, always carrying them in my heart.
The seasons change their cloaks, and birds trace paths across the sky, but in my heart, it's forever winter since your light faded away.
Missing you is my constant, a feeling so deep it pierces the soul, like roots desperately seeking water in dry soil.
Mom, on this lonely path without you, each step reminds me of your absence. I will never forget you, guide me from afar.
Mom, you will always be my eternity.
Until we meet again, Mom, I hold you in my heart with all my love.

© Shoshan

Beneath the vast and deep sky,
I whisper to the wind to carry my love,
a love that never fades,
for you, Mom, still live in every breath I take.

In the mornings when the sun peeks through,
I see your smile in rays of golden light,
and every sunset brings me
the warmth of your hugs that I hold so close.

I remember those days, simple and serene,
where your voice, soft as a caress,
guided my steps, so firm and tender,
a sweet melody that still resonates in the calm.

Now, the stars seem to gaze at me,
with eyes full of a maternal sparkle,
and in the moon I find the reflection
of your love, eternal and immortal.

I walk through flowered paths,
each petal whispers your name,
the wind carries messages to the heavens,
on dancing leaves, I write my verses to you.

Mom, in my garden the roses still bloom
that you loved so much,
and though you are in heaven,
their fragrance whispers that you have not left me.

Each tear I shed is a memory,
of sunny days, of laughter and play,
but they are also tears of a deep love,
that pierces the clouds to find you.

Oh, how I wish I could hug you,
tell you once more how much I love you,
but until that day comes,
you will always have a home in my heart.

Mom, though you have gone,
in every step, in every dream,
your presence is the beacon that guides my path,
until at last, in heaven, we are together again.

© Shoshan

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