1 Chronicles 16:34 - God is good and loving - Quote in pics  

1 Chronicles 16:34 - God is good and loving


“Give thanks to the Lord
because he is good.
His faithful love
will last forever.”
1 Chronicles 16:34, the Bible

It is good to have a loving heart.
Always give thanks to the Lord for your friends.

Give thanks to God
for all which he gives us.

THANKS my Lord,
even for that which you avoided us,
for what you did not give us,
and that of which you freed us.

We know that you, my Lord, love us,
and you want the best for us...
We trust in you,
that you always give us
all that we have
and even more...
that which we do not see.

Thanks God,
Thanks my Lord,
Thanks Jesus,
thank you for all you give us.

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