God wants the best for you - Quote in pics  

God wants the best for you


Don't get upset with God, he really wants what's best for you!

God wants the best for you,
for you to be strong,
to be able to fight for what you want,
to be full of self-esteem, self-confidence,
and responsibility for your own life.
© Shoshan


God shall take away your fear
and give you courage:
Your life itself is already a gift from God.

Do you think he would
give you something
that could harm you?

No, never,
our own fears
are the biggest danger
to ourselves.


God is good,
he loves you just as you are,
but he wants the best for you.

Many times we don't know
what is best for ourselves.

Many times we ask
for that which is not our due,
that which will not do us any good,
only what we hope for
or what we think is best...

But let us trust in God,
for he knows us well,
he wants the best for us,
and as a loving father,
he is always willing
to give us the best,
to guide us,
to provide us with wisdom,
and to make us strong
in our daily lives.
© Shoshan

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