Hate is not the absolute opposite of love - Quote in pics  

Hate is not the absolute opposite of love


Hate is not the absolute opposite of love

Isn't it true that sometimes indifference hurts more than hate?

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Hate is not the absolute opposite of love, but indifference.
You may love and hate someone at the same time,
but not love and be indifferent at the same time.
© Matilda B.


Your indifference is killing me,
it is one thing to know
that you don't love me,
and quite another...
to realize the cruel reality
that you are indifferent to me,
that you don't care about me,
that you are ignoring me,
that I am as if I didn't exist,
that nothing about me affects you,
neither for better nor for worse...
If there is something worse than hate,
it may be indifference.

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