Hardship often prepares us - Quote in pics  

Hardship often prepares us


You may be going through a hard time, but that will also make you strong, when you recover from this you will know better what to do, how to be, and what not to do.

Hardship often prepares
an ordinary person
for an extraordinary destiny.
C.S. Lewis


You will go through hardship,
but it will make you stronger.

You will face hardships,
but you will learn from experience.

You will have to go through a hard time,
but it shall pass, and one day
you will know how to take
advantage of the experience.

You will be wounded in the heart,
but with time it will heal, scar,
and in the future it will become stronger.

Now everything may seem hopeless,
everything may seem to go from bad to worse...
but in the end, you will survive,
and you will be stronger than yesterday,
and braver than today.

The difficulties, adversities,
the things we have against us,
may hurt us...
but the day will come,
when we will be able to look back
and recognize that we are stronger,
better, and more complete now.

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