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Courage doesn’t always roar


Courage doesn’t always roar

To be brave doesn't always entail shouting, threatening and acting tough. Sometimes it' s knowing how to wait for the right moment.

Courage doesn’t always roar.
Sometimes courage is the little voice
at the end of the day that says
I’ll try again tomorrow.”
— Mary Anne Radmacher


Yes... many times we seem to believe
that being courageous means
making ourselves look strong,
raising our voice, showing off our confidence,
making a strong impression
with our attitude and voice,
but in reality, it is not that simple,
and it may not be that straightforward at all.

Sometimes courage is measured by other things,
by knowing how to wait for the right moment,
by not letting oneself be carried away by impulses,
or by criticism, or by pressure from those around us;
sometimes true bravery is being able to do nothing,
to wait for the opportunity,
to ignore the rest,
to tolerate criticism
and even to accept
being called a coward.

Because at the end of the day,
it takes more courage
to do the right and sensible thing
than to do what we are applauded for
without controlling our impulses.

To be courageous
is also to know
how to wait
for the right moment.

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