Not jealous for what they see, but by what they imagine - Quote in pics  

Not jealous for what they see, but by what they imagine


Not jealous for what they see, but by what they imagine

When one is always jealous, there is no need to see anything, not even evidence.

Those who are jealous
are never jealous because of what they see;
what they imagine is enough.

- Jacinto Benavente


Imagination can play tricks on us,
make us believe things that are not true,
lead us into madness
and mental uneasiness,
to have a miserable time
by imagining and fantasizing
about things that are not true
beyond our own mind
and personal thoughts.

Whoever is constantly jealous,
whoever is envious or zealous
will be so with proof or without proof,
having his suspicions confirmed
or the exact opposite.

Because it is not about what is seen,
nor is it about what actually happens,
but about what is in the mind.

A little jealousy can be good,
it can lead you to try to be better,
to try to progress, to prosper, to ascend...
but if you go too far,
if there is too much jealousy,
it can make you sick
and even worse...
to make those around you
sick and fed up.

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