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People who never see anything good in you


People who never see anything good in you

There are people who are no good to be around, avoid them.

“Don’t waste
a single day of your life
with people who are never able
to see anything good in you.

Every minute you live in sadness
is a lost minute of happiness.
Just leave that behind,
smile, and face life!”
© Shoshan

There are people
that are not good to be with,
that are the wrong company,
that do us no service.
Spending time
with these types of people
is a waste of time,
wasted energy,
going against the tide,
doing what is not good for us...

Every minute of our life is precious,
and so, each moment should be
experienced in the best possible way.

Live, walk around,
walk with a big smile on your face ...
and let the annoying ones
left there alone,
without you,
without being able
to make your life bitter.

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