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What it means to have "peace"


What it means to have "peace"

I wish you peace, which is not necessarily being far from the madding crowd, but rather finding calm in the midst of it all.

It does not consist in being somewhere
where there is no noise,
trouble or hard work.

It means being in the midst of those things
and still being at ease in your heart.


Peace is not the absence of problems,
it is knowing how to find serenity
in the midst of the storm,
it is being able to breathe calmly
in spite of what is happening.

To have a peaceful life
is not to live far from noise,
nor to be free of problems,
conflicts or need for sacrifices.

To have a peaceful life
is to be surrounded by all this
and in spite of everything,
to know how to control oneself,
to be able to be happy,
to be able to carry it well,
to be able to have hope
and tranquillity in one's heart.

I wish you the best of luck,
so that peace will be easy to reach...
But if you are like most people,
whereas it's not so easy to get,
I wish for you a deep inner peace,
so that whatever happens
you have calmness and tranquility
in the very core of your mind.

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