Free yourself from what is no longer good for you - Quote in pics  

Free yourself from what is no longer good for you


"Free yourself from what is no longer good for you, as if you were opening your hands and letting the petals of a flower float in the wind. You can't hold on to them, but you can remember their fragrance." © Shoshan

Another beautiful phrase by Shoshan says: "To heal a wound you have to stop touching it", which means that continuously revisiting or dwelling on emotional pain can hinder the healing process, much like continuously picking at a physical wound. Instead, it's essential to give yourself space and time to process your feelings and seek support from others. By creating distance from the pain, you can begin to heal and move forward."

I release the memories that once brought joy,
but now only leave my heart to destroy.
I open my hands like petals to the sky,
and feel the weight lift as I let out a sigh.

The scent of what was lingers in my mind,
but it's time to leave those feelings behind.
I'll hold onto the beauty, let go of the pain,
and trust that I'll find love again.

I'll let the wind carry the petals away,
as I step forward into a new day.
I'll learn from the past, but won't be held down,
and keep my heart open to love that's around.

I'll find new moments to bring me delight,
and let go of those that cause me to fight.
I'll free myself from what's no longer true,
and create space for a love that's brand new.

For when I release what once was dear,
I can make space for a love that's sincere.
I'll let go of what's held me back,
and step forward with a heart on the right track.

© Shoshan

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