Even when losing, we score points - Quote in pics  

Even when losing, we score points


Never give up, never think that because someone doesn't follow the rules you can't do better and end up winning. Even when we lose, we learn, evolve and grow.

If someone plays dirty against you,
learn to play better,
learn to win bad games...

Because even when losing,
we score points.

© Shoshan


They will not always play fair against you,
many times they will do things to you
that will seem unfair,
they will disregard the rules
and want to take you for a fool.

Many times they will disregard you,
they will beat you
and make fun of you...
but with every experience you will learn,
you will improve, and even,
little by little,
you will gain points.

Leagues are not won
with just one game,
they are won little by little,
game by game,
match by match,
quarter by quarter...
and even if you had a bad start
you will always be able
to turn the situation around.

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