What you appear to be and what you really are - Quote in pics  

What you appear to be and what you really are


Very interesting reflection, both to develop awareness about others, and to recognize that we ourselves will always have our own faults and imperfections.

You can sound confident and have anxiety.
You can look healthy and feel shit.
You can speak in public and be a wreck.
You can be privileged and not mentally privileged.
You can lift barbells and be weak.
You can have everything and feel nothing.

― Nitya Prakash


You're not going to be able to fake it.

You can sound confident, look healthy, and speak in public without being a wreck. You can have everything and feel nothing. But you can't make other people believe those things are true—not for very long, anyway.

If you really want to have confidence, you have to do the work of building it up inside yourself. If you really want to be healthy, you have to work hard at taking care of yourself, physically and mentally. And if you really want to be able to speak in public without being a wreck, then you need practice—and probably some coaching from someone who knows what they're doing.

It's easy to think that just by pretending something is true, or putting on an act for others, or even just telling yourself something over and over again… that somehow that will make it true for real. But it doesn't work like that! It takes real effort and real practice for things like confidence and healthiness and speaking-in-publicness (Is that even a word?) to become second nature—and once they do become second nature, then they'll stay with you forever!

© Shoshan

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