Just as the sun rises every morning, so does the love and mercy of God - Quote in pics  

Just as the sun rises every morning, so does the love and mercy of God


"Just as the sun rises every morning, so does the love and mercy of God. Let us raise our arms in praise and gratitude, and start each day anew in His grace."


Every day is a new opportunity to experience the love and mercy of God. Just as the sun rises without fail, we can trust that God's love and grace are always present in our lives. By starting each day with praise and gratitude, we can cultivate a deeper relationship with God and allow His love to shine through us. This quote encourages us to approach each day with hope and faith, knowing that we are never alone on our journey.

Every morning as I rise from my slumber,
I feel your love and mercy like a warm embrace.
Your unwavering presence brings me peace,
and I am grateful for your never-ending grace.

In every moment, you are by my side,
guiding me through life's winding path.
Your love is a beacon of hope and light,
leading me towards a brighter future, free from wrath.

I am humbled by your unfailing love,
and the way you walk with me every day.
In your arms, I find comfort and solace,
and for this, I cannot help but pray.

Thank you, dear god, for always being there,
with your love and mercy, ever so true.
I will walk with you, hand in hand,
knowing that my faith in you will always see me through.

© Shoshan

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