Speaking the truth can be the bravest act, yet also the loneliest. - Quote in pics  

Speaking the truth can be the bravest act, yet also the loneliest.


Speaking the truth can be the bravest act, yet also the loneliest.

"Speaking the truth can be the bravest act, yet also the loneliest."
© Shoshan

"Truth is a key that opens doors, but sometimes it closes hearts."
© Shoshan

"Truth is like a mirror: we don't always like what we see."
© Shoshan

"Speaking the truth is like planting a tree in barren soil; not everyone will appreciate its shade."
© Shoshan

"In a world rife with wishful thinking and comforting illusions, carrying the torch of truth becomes a relentless endeavor. Its presence might not always be embraced, and its path is seldom easy. Yet, it's in this unwavering honesty that we find our deepest strength. Embrace truth not as a perpetual beacon, but as an anchor that grounds your essence amidst the ever-shifting seas of life."
© Shoshan

The dual face of Truth

Truth, our sometimes uncomfortable yet often brave companion, walks alongside us on a unique journey through life. It's like that old key we all carry in our pockets, capable of unlocking doors to new horizons, but occasionally, unexpectedly, it shuts the doors of the hearts that matter most to us. Why is it that something as pure and necessary as truth can sometimes distance us from those we love?

There are moments when speaking the truth feels like planting a tree in arid, dry soil. We lean over the earth, carefully placing our words, hoping they will take root, grow, and provide shade. But it's not always the case. Sometimes, our truths, like those trembling leaves, are unappreciated, even by those who should stand by us, offering water and sun.

It's like looking in a mirror and not recognizing oneself. The truth, reflected before us, is not always the image we expected or wished to see. But isn't that the essence of our humanity? Confronting who we are, what we feel, what we know to be real, even if it hurts, even if it shakes the very foundations of our world.

In this universe filled with illusions, staying true to the truth is a constant act of bravery. It won't always be well-received, nor will it always be easy. But in that honesty, in that raw and sometimes painful sincerity, lies our true strength. Being authentic is not a path of roses. It's a rocky road, full of challenges, but also of incomparable beauty.

So, even when we feel alone in our truth, even when it seems we are planting trees in deserts, let's remember that being honest with ourselves and others is the only way to live a full and meaningful life. Not like a beacon that always lights everyone's way, but like an anchor that keeps us steady, rooted in who we truly are, capable of withstanding storms and changing tides.

Stay true to your truth. It's the greatest gift you can give yourself and others, even if they don't always recognize it. In the reflection of your sincerity, in the shade of your tree, in every door you open or close, there you are, whole, real, deeply human.

© Shoshan, 11/27/2023

Poem: Echoes of the Inconvenient Truth

In the echo of a voice, broken yet calm,
Truth slides forth, raw, without charm,
A firm whisper that changes the norm,
Leaving a cold silence, a waiting storm.

It was truth, unmasked, without pretense,
Words in the wind finding their sense,
But as they fall, they build a fence,
In their echoes, the soul grows tense.

Why does this clear speaking hurt so much?
In each syllable vibrated a pure touch,
A longing to unite, not to clutch,
A dream of clarity, not a dark hush.

But truth, like a spear, can cleave,
Paths of solitude in its weave.
Now, in seas of doubt, I must believe,
Sailing the waters of a fate I grieve.

Those who should understand, now withdraw,
Truth, like a rock, weighs in their awe,
In each step, echoes of its clarity they saw,
A reminder of the cost to love without flaw.

I wish time wouldn’t carry my voice away,
Let truths rest in peace, not sway,
But the heart does not choose its clear foray,
Truth is its song, its only way to stay.

With a wounded heart, I continue my quest,
Hoping time will offer its gentle rest,
That truths spoken, though sharp, are best,
One day they’ll be the bond that will make us nest.

© Shoshan

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