My love, you light up my life like the stars in the night sky - Quote in pics  

My love, you light up my life like the stars in the night sky


My love, you light up my life like the stars in the night sky. Your beauty shines brighter than the sun and your kindness warms my heart like the rays of the sun. I am so grateful to have you in my life and I promise to always cherish and adore you. © Shoshan


My love, you are the beat in my heart,
A melody that will never depart.
With eyes as bright as the morning sun,
Your smile is the only thing that's begun.

You light up my life like the stars in the night,
A beauty that shines with such delight.
Your kindness and grace, so warm and true,
Are the reasons I'm deeply in love with you.

In your arms, I feel safe and sound,
With you, I am never lost, always found.
Your laughter is like a song on the breeze,
A symphony that brings peace to me.

You are my sunshine in the darkest of days,
A ray of hope that always stays.
Your love is a fire that burns so bright,
A flame that will never fade in the night.

I promise to cherish and adore you always,
Through laughter and tears, in every new phase.
You are my everything, my heart and my soul,
The missing piece that makes me whole.

So here's to you, my love, on this day,
A tribute to the one who brightens my way.
I am so grateful for every moment we share,
And I will love you more, each day we're together.

Happy early Valentine's Day, my love,
A day to celebrate the gift from above.
You are my reason to live, my reason to smile,
Forever and always, you'll be worth every mile.

© Shoshan

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