Not even the water of all seas could quench this love. - Song of Solomon 8:7 - Quote in pics  

Not even the water of all seas could quench this love. - Song of Solomon 8:7


Not even the water of all seas could quench this love. Nor could the rivers extinguish it. Song of Solomon 8:7 (the Bible)

Our love is a flame, burning bright and bold,
A force that can conquer, never to fold.
With each other's hearts, we are never alone,
Together, our love will forever have a home.

No obstacle or trial can come between us,
With faith in our hearts, we shall adjust.
In the arms of our love, we are safe and secure,
Fate has brought us together, that's for sure.

Our love is a journey, a beautiful ride,
With each other by our side, we will always abide.
Together we'll face whatever comes our way,
With love as our guide, we will always have a say.

We trust in God's guidance, His love is divine,
With Him by our side, our love will always shine.
In this world of chaos, our love will be our light,
Guiding us through the dark, shining ever so bright.

Our love is a promise, a bond that we share,
One that will endure, always be there.
Through thick and thin, we will stand side by side,
Together we'll conquer, our love will never hide.

We will love each other, no matter what the cost,
With each passing day, our love will only grow and boast.
Forever and always, we will stand as one,
Our love is a treasure, forever has begun.

So let us hold each other, never let go,
For in this love, we will forever grow.
Together we'll conquer, never shall we part,
For in each other's hearts, our love will always start.

© Shoshan


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