One day you will understand why this death pains me so much - Quote in pics  

One day you will understand why this death pains me so much


One day you will understand why this death pains me so much

"One day, you will understand what I've just gone through.
One day, you will understand why I cannot stop crying.

One day, you will understand the sadness
that I feel from not being able to see them.
One day, you will understand me.

One day,
when you feel as though you're dying
for that person who has left
never to return again."

© Shoshan

Sometimes, love and pain intertwine in a silent dance that can only be understood when experienced firsthand. One can try to explain, attempt to paint with words the shadows of sadness and absence, but only when loss knocks on your door, when the echo of a goodbye resonates in your chest, is when you can fully understand. One day, when you feel the immense void left by a loved one who has departed, when tears become your language and memory your refuge, then you will understand. You will understand why I cry, why it hurts so much, why life seems to have lost its color. And in that understanding, in that shared sorrow, perhaps, just perhaps, you will find a ray of solace.

© Shoshan

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