Never stop chasing your dreams... OK, I'll sleep then! - Quote in pics  

Never stop chasing your dreams... OK, I'll sleep then!


Never stop chasing your dreams (I've decided to heed the advice)

"Chase Your Dreams" they always say,
But must we chase them every day?
I have a plan that might just work,
For chasing dreams without the work.

I'll stay in bed and sleep all day,
Dreaming of success along the way.
No need to run or jump or skip,
Just cozy in my comfy pit.

I'll dream of riches, fame and glory,
And wake up feeling bright and hoary.
No stress, no sweat, no heavy lifting,
Just sleep and dream, what a gift!

But wait, there's more, I have a trick,
To chase my dreams and still stay slick.
I'll write them down upon a page,
And let my subconscious do the sage.

My dreams will chase me in my sleep,
And guide me to success so deep.
I'll wake up ready to pursue,
With energy and zest anew.

So don't you worry, don't you fret,
If chasing dreams leaves you in sweat.
Just sleep it off and dream away,
And success will come to you one day.

© Shoshan

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