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I am the unstoppable WOMAN


I am the unstoppable WOMAN

I am she who gets up every time life brings me down, who turns pain into strength and adversity into opportunity. I am the one who heals her own wounds and keeps moving forward, who runs towards her dreams no matter how far away they seem to be. Because I am a woman, and I know that nothing can stop me once I decide to pursue what I want. © Shoshan


I am the woman who rises again,
Whose strength never fades or wanes,
Who turns pain into a force to contend,
And sees opportunity in each new strain.

I am the one who heals her wounds,
With love and care and inner fortitude,
And keeps moving forward with a bound,
To achieve her dreams with aptitude.

No distance is too far or too great,
For I am the mistress of my fate,
With unwavering courage and spirit,
I run towards my goals without limit.

I am the woman who fears no failure,
Who sees each mistake as a teacher,
And turns each setback into a triumph,
As I blaze a trail, an unwavering champion.

I am the one who fights for my rights,
Who champions freedom with all my might,
Who speaks truth to power with conviction,
And moves ahead with clear direction.

For I am she who gets up every time,
Who rises higher with each new climb,
Who turns pain into a catalyst for growth,
And inspires others with unwavering hope.

So call me a woman, a fighter, a dreamer,
For I am all of these, and so much more,
With an inner light that burns ever brighter,
As I walk my path, my spirit soaring and pure.

© Shoshan

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