Truth is like a mirror we don't always like what we see - Quote in pics  

Truth is like a mirror we don't always like what we see


Truth is like a mirror we don't always like what we see

"Truth is like a mirror: we don't always like what we see."
© Shoshan

Between Mirrors and Truths: A Daily Journey

Sometimes, in the calm of our living room or during a sleepless night, we find ourselves reflecting on who we are and what surrounds us. It's not something we do often, but in those moments, it's as if an invisible mirror appears before us. A mirror that, instead of reflecting our physical appearance, reflects our deepest truths, those we sometimes prefer not to see.

Truth in Our Everyday Life

Think about those mornings when, looking in the mirror, you notice something more than your reflection. Maybe it's an idea that's been circling in your head, a truth about yourself that you've been avoiding. It could be something about your job, a relationship, or even something you want to change about yourself. It's easy to ignore it, to continue with our day as if nothing happened. But what if, instead of turning away, we faced those truths?

Embracing the Uncomfortable

Accepting our uncomfortable truths is not an easy task. Sometimes, it hurts. It hurts to admit that we've made mistakes, or to recognize that something we wanted isn't what we truly need. But there's beauty in that acceptance, a relief that comes with embracing the entirety of who we are.

The Courage to Speak the Truth

And then there's the challenge of telling the truth to others. How many times have we kept silent out of fear of hurting someone, or to avoid conflict? Speaking the truth, especially when we know it can be uncomfortable, requires tremendous bravery. But it's also an act of respect and love, both towards ourselves and others.

Growing Together

Every time we accept an uncomfortable truth about ourselves, or when we have the courage to express a difficult truth, we grow a little more. It's not an easy path, but it's incredibly rewarding. It makes us more authentic, more human.

So, the next time you find yourself in front of that invisible mirror, take a moment. Listen to what it has to tell you. You might not like what you see at first, but over time, you'll come to appreciate the beauty of that authenticity. Because in the end, truth, like a mirror, simply shows us what's there, and there's a tremendous freedom in accepting it as it is.

© Shoshan, 11/27/2023

Poem: Reflection of a Truth

In the mirror of my soul, a truth has gently landed,
Like an autumn leaf, silent, unforeseen.
It hurts, oh how it hurts, this sharp revelation,
A truth that cuts, yet in its pain, it teaches.

My heart, a nest of emotions and regrets,
Beats to the rhythm of this newfound reality.
The past, with its shadows and lights,
Can no longer be my guide, nor my truth.

Now, in this present, so raw, so real,
I learn to walk with this new burden.
I don't hide it, don't deny it, I face it head-on,
And in its reflection, I seek strength to change.

I wish to be light, even when my soul quivers,
A beacon for those who are in my life.
The past, now past, won’t return,
What matters is the now, and what will come.

In each step, in every tear and smile,
I build a new me, wiser and more sincere.
This truth, though painful, has set me free,
In its embrace, I find the courage to be true.

And so, with steady steps, though sometimes unsure,
I forge a path of acceptance and love.
For in every uncomfortable truth I face,
I discover a bit more of who I truly am.

The past is past, and I linger there no more,
Today is the day to be, to grow, to dream.
In every sigh, in every gaze to the sky,
I learn to love this truth, my companion, my guide.

© Shoshan

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