In times of loneliness, let us remember that God is there for us - Quote in pics  

In times of loneliness, let us remember that God is there for us


"Loneliness is not a sign of abandonment, but an invitation to seek the company of the one who never leaves nor forsakes us." © Shoshan

When you feel alone, close your eyes and let your heart guide you. You will discover that God is there, patiently waiting for you to find Him. In His presence, you will find love, peace, and the certainty that you are never alone, for you always have God with you.

Alone I sit, in silence deep,
my soul is weary, I cannot sleep.
The emptiness consumes my heart,
and tears in solitude now start.

I look around, but none are near,
no friendly voice to calm my fear.
The silence echoes in my ears,
the weight of loneliness, it bears.

But then I pause and turn my gaze,
to god above, in all his grace.
I whisper soft, a heartfelt plea,
"lord, come and comfort me."

And as I pray, I feel a peace,
a warmth that makes the lonely cease.
For in his love, I find a friend,
a constant presence till the end.

He whispers soft, into my soul,
and fills the void, to make me whole.
His words of comfort heal my pain,
and lift me up, to joy again.

He never leaves, he's always near,
to wipe away each lonely tear.
He is my hope, my strength, my light,
in darkest times, he shines so bright.

So though I'm lonely, I'm not alone,
for god is with me, in his throne.
And in his loving, faithful care,
I find the peace that's always there.

© Shoshan


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