Success draws more eyes than admirers. - Quote in pics  

Success draws more eyes than admirers.


"Success draws more eyes than admirers." © Shoshan

Dear friend,
I want to share with you a reflection I've been considering lately: "Success draws more eyes than admirers." In an increasingly connected world, where private life often becomes public, this phrase takes on particular meaning.

You might be tempted to share every achievement and happy moment on social media, and that's fine; celebrating success is part of life. However, I urge you to be cautious with what you choose to share. Not everyone watching your life and achievements is doing so with good intentions. Sometimes, envy lurks behind those 'Likes' and flattering comments. The moments you choose to post could unknowingly become ammunition for those who don't wish to see you prosper.

With love and friendship,

To share yourself is but natural,
your triumphs and wins, it's factual.
But think before you make that call,
for envy loves to join the ball.

Not every 'like' will be sincere,
nor every fan a true compeer.
Behind the screen some faces leer,
awaiting your fall, that much is clear.

Celebrate, yes, but do take heed,
not all attention stems from need.
Keep something private, like a seed,
your life's not a snapshot, let it breathe.

Humility will always be your guide,
through bad days and the joyful ride.
Remember, after each day's high tide,
comes the night, then another stride.

You're always more than just a frame,
more than a post, more than a claim.
So give your best, but not to fame,
your true worth needs no acclaim.

© Shoshan

This quote, "Success draws more eyes than admirers," © Shoshan, is especially dedicated to those climbing the ladder of their respective journeys towards success. It's a subtle yet poignant reminder that not all that glitters is gold. As you rise, more people will watch you, but not all eyes are friendly. Not all watching is admiring; some eyes look for flaws. So, be cautious with the energy you invite into your life. If this phrase speaks to you, feel free to share it.

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