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When life throws stones, I build a bridge


When life throws stones, I build a bridge

I don't count losses, only lessons, because each obstacle is a step toward greatness. © Shoshan

When life throws stones, I build a bridge,
each blow it lands, makes me more avid.
If it rains hard, I dance in the storm,
if the road's tough, I know it'll be the norm.

I don't count losses, just life lessons,
each fall I take is a new impression.
I look to the sky, breathe and I stand,
each challenge is a step to the sky so grand.

Life's a stern teacher, but fair in the end,
it tests me hard, but my spirit won't bend.
I'm not invincible, but I'm unstoppable,
with every hurdle, I become more capable.

© Shoshan

Have you ever stopped to think that each obstacle in your life could actually be a stepping stone toward something much greater? Instead of viewing challenges as setbacks, let's consider them as experiences that bring us closer to greatness. It's a powerful mantra that changes how we see the world: each blow makes us stronger, each fall gives us new insights.

Life is a stern but fair teacher. It tests us, but those tests are opportunities to prove our worth. We're not invincible, but we're unstoppable. So the next time you face a challenge, instead of bemoaning it, consider that each hurdle is a step to the sky so grand.

© Shoshan

These words are dedicated to everyone facing challenges and looking to turn them into stepping stones toward a brighter future.

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