Valentine's Day image for all my friends and loved ones - Quote in pics  

Valentine's Day image for all my friends and loved ones


Valentine's Day image for all my friends and loved ones

To all my friends and loved ones, I hope this Valentine's Day brings you an abundance of love and happiness.


Oh friends, on this Valentine's morn,
A day of love and joy is born,
With hearts aglow and love abounds,
May happiness surround you all around.

The aroma of sweet roses red,
And chocolates that dance in your head,
A day of laughter and romantic glee,
With sweet moments that you'll always see.

So let us raise a glass so high,
To the love that's bound to multiply,
And wish that all your dreams come true,
This Valentine's Day and all year through.

With sweethearts near and love in sight,
Let this day be the most romantic night,
So let's embrace each other's hearts,
And have the most magnificent Valentine's Day starts.

© Shoshan



My dearest love, on this Valentine's day,
My heart is filled with love in every way,
With sweet thoughts of you that never cease,
And moments I long to share with thee.

Your smile, your touch, they light up my soul,
And with you, I feel whole and never alone,
And as I write this, I dream with delight,
Of spending this day with you, holding you tight.

Oh, what joy it would bring, to bask in your glow,
To laugh and to love, and let our hearts grow,
With every moment, I love you more and more,
And I want this Valentine's day to be the one to restore.

So, my love, I pray that we can be together,
On this day of love, now and forever.

© Shoshan

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