It pains me so much to see you suffering - Quote in pics  

It pains me so much to see you suffering


It pains me so much to see you suffering

I hear you are sick, I hope you recover soon, I hope you don't suffer too much. Best wishes to you.

It pains me so much
to see you suffering.

I wish I had the magical ability
to make you recover overnight.

May you recover soon!


Being sick is horrible,
being bedridden
and unable to get around
is also horrible...
and to be suffering
from a virus
is something I am not happy
to know you got.

I hope you recover soon,
that you don't suffer too much,
that tomorrow you wake up
with renewed energy and strength.

I don't know if it is possible...
but you should know
that I ask God for that,
and that's what I wish for you.

A speedy recovery,
good health,
and to be able to see you soon
full of life and strength.

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