Good morning! Remember, every day is a precious gift. Embrace it. - Quote in pics  

Good morning! Remember, every day is a precious gift. Embrace it.


Good morning! Remember, every day is a precious gift. Embrace it.

Starting the day with these words is like getting a hug from the sun ☀️. Every morning turns into a promise of joy and motivation. Who else feels charged with positive energy? #MorningJoy #MotivationAndHope

Good morning! Remember, every day is a precious gift. Embrace it, because the love you're given is a rare blessing, not something you get from everyone.
Personally, I like to believe that we, as people, are beings of love, capable of giving and receiving joy from one another.
I hope that the love I give is cherished as much as the heart I put into it.
May your dreams be bigger than your fears, and your actions louder than your words.
Good morning!
© Shoshan

Waking Up with Joy: A Morning Greeting Full of Light

Hey there! Good morning! Today's an awesome day, you know? Every morning we wake up is like a little gift waiting to be unwrapped. Picture each day coming with a ribbon and a bow, ready to surprise you.

And you know, the love you get from people, that's like a superpower. Not everyone has it, but you do. It's like having a bright light that follows you wherever you go. We humans are like little walking light bulbs, spreading a bit of that light and warmth to others. It's really beautiful.

When you give love, think of it as throwing a shooting star into the sky. You might not always see where it lands, but it always, always makes someone somewhere smile. And that's kind of magical.

Now, about your dreams. They've got to be huge, like balloons soaring so high they almost touch the clouds. They might scare you a bit sometimes, but that's okay. It's normal. The important thing is that your steps, your actions, are even bigger than those balloons. Walk confidently, even if you're just taking small steps each day.

So, as you start this day, remember this: you're someone special, with a heart full of love and giant dreams. And every little thing you do, every smile, every kind word, makes this world a little bit better. Come on, let's enjoy this beautiful day!

© Shoshan, 12/05/2023

Dawn of Hopes: A Poetic Greeting to Start the Day

In the cool of morning, with the sun's first light,
a new day unfolds, its promises taking flight.
"Good morning," whispers the playful breeze,
as leaves dance gracefully in their own ease.

In each ray of sunlight, a hope sneaks through,
in each bird's song, a melody flies true.
Life, a canvas, awaits your brush's sway,
to paint your dreams in hues of golden day.

Your coffee rises, like spirits, in the cup,
each sip a reminder that life is always looking up.
Trees whisper tales of yesterdays gone by,
reminding you that every day is a chance to re-apply.

Paths ahead, filled with possibilities untold,
each step a story on these trails bold.
Let your steps be steady, your heart brave,
on this beautiful day, be the wave.

The love you give echoes back tenderly,
in every gesture, every word, a bridge built earnestly.
So, on this day, with a greeting true,
I say "good morning," with a heartfelt view.

© Shoshan

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