Isaiah 46:4 ‭‭— Even in old age God will still be watching over you. - Quote in pics  

Isaiah 46:4 ‭‭— Even in old age God will still be watching over you.


God will always be with us, taking care of us, protecting us, and guiding us in the right direction. Yesterday, now and always, the Lord is with us.

Even when you grow old
and your hair turns gray,
I, your God,
will continue to support you.

I have formed you
and I will take care of you;
I will always help
and protect you.

Isaiah 46:4 ‭‭
The Bible


Things will not always be easy,
we will go through difficult times,
but God, the Lord,
will always be close to us,
watching over us
out of love for us,
caring for our steps,
looking out for what is best for us.

Days, weeks, months,
years and decades will pass...
there will be days when
you look in the mirror
and you hardly recognize yourself...
but the Lord will continue
to be the same loving,
protective and caring God;
he will hold your hand
and will not let you walk alone.

Trust in the Lord,
trust that He is faithful,
and that He will never abandon you.


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