Happy holidays and merry Christmas! - Quote in pics  

Happy holidays and merry Christmas!


Happy holidays and merry Christmas!

Happy holidays and merry Christmas!
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Letter from the North Pole: A Reindeer's Messages to the World

Dear human friends,

From a snowy corner of the North Pole, a very special reindeer writes to you. No, I'm not Rudolph, and no, I don't have a red nose, but I do have plenty to share with you this festive season.

First of all, don't forget to smile! Even though it's winter and the days are shorter, a smile can light up more than a thousand Christmas lights. And speaking of lights, try not to get tangled in the tree lights like I did last year... it was quite a spectacle!

During the holidays, remember that it's not all about rushing from store to store looking for the perfect gift. Sometimes, the best gift is a warm hug (or a good hot chocolate, yum!). So, if you can, give more hugs... and more chocolate, of course.

Don't overlook the small details. A message to a friend, a call to grandma, or even letting someone else have the last piece of nougat (though it's hard, I know). These gestures mean a lot more than you might think.

For those who feel a bit lonely or sad, I send you a big reindeer hug. Christmas isn't always easy, but remember, there's always someone thinking of you, even a reindeer from the North Pole.

And to conclude, I leave you with this thought: in the coming year, let's be a bit more reindeer... What do I mean by this? Let's be strong, brave, and always ready for an adventure, but with a good warm coat!

With love and a few jingle bells,

A Chatty Reindeer

© Shoshan, 12/20/2023

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