Let the spirit of Christmas wrap you in love, health, and joy - Quote in pics  

Let the spirit of Christmas wrap you in love, health, and joy


Let the spirit of Christmas wrap you in love, health, and joy

Wrapped in the love and light of Christmas, wishing everyone happiness and health. Let's celebrate with hearts full of joy!

Embraced by the Spirit of Christmas

Dear Friends and Family,

I hope this letter finds you surrounded by love and warmth, much like the embrace of the Christmas spirit. As the lights shine brighter and hearts feel closer during these days, I wanted to share a thought that has been dancing in my mind.

Christmas is more than just exchanging gifts or a festive dinner; it's a time to rekindle love, health, and happiness in our lives. Sometimes, in the daily grind, we forget to embrace these simple yet profound gifts. But now, as the world wraps itself in the joy of the Christmas season, it’s the perfect moment to remember and cherish these blessings.

Love, that invisible bond that connects us, feels stronger during Christmas. No matter the distance, love has the unique ability to shorten miles and fill empty spaces. This season, let’s embrace that love. Let’s call those we miss, mend broken ties, and strengthen the ones we have.

Health, often taken for granted, is our most precious asset. The holidays remind us to take care of ourselves and others. Let's enjoy the holiday treats, but also remember the importance of our physical and mental well-being.

And happiness, the spark that lights us all, is often found in the smallest moments: a smile, a kind word, a shared memory. During these festive days, let’s seek and create those moments of pure joy.

Lastly, but certainly not least, let's enjoy these holidays with our whole heart. Let’s live each moment, from decorating the tree to wrapping presents, with a fullness and presence we often forget in our everyday lives.

May this Christmas bring you moments of reflection and gratitude. May each of you feel embraced by the spirit of Christmas, and may those embraces translate into love, health, and happiness.

With all my love and best wishes,


© Shoshan, 12/19/2023

Christmas Poem: Winter's Glow

In the quiet of long winter nights,
where stars twinkle in their might,
a whisper of joy unfolds its wings,
on winter's canvas, a pure, elegant thing.

It's not just lights that I see,
nor mere ornaments hanging free,
but dreams woven in every nook,
hopes reflected, love's open book.

Under December's sky, cold and clear,
laughter rings, warm and sincere,
a song of unity, of lasting peace,
good wishes echo, never to cease.

May each snowflake be a wish,
a thought of happiness, vast and rich,
in every embrace, let there be a vow,
of love-filled days, from now till thou.

In this season of giving and getting,
let's toast to moments, small and fretting,
to new stories yet to be penned,
to magic around us, in every bend.

So, in this time of joyful cheer,
with hearts full of joy and dear,
may Christmas light stay by your side,
today, tomorrow, in friendship's stride.

May winter's glow guide your way,
with its beams of love and sway,
on every path, in every part,
find joy's purest form in your heart.

© Shoshan

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