A message to share on Women's Day - Quote in pics  

A message to share on Women's Day


A message to share on Women's Day

Happy International Women's Day! 🌟👩‍🎤💪 Celebrating the light and strength of every woman, towards a future where we shine together. ✨🌈

Women's Day:
Today we celebrate the strong and brave women who light up the world with their glow and make it a better place.

To all the incredible women, Happy Women's Day! 🌺💖 Your courage and love light up the world. Let's keep paving the way for hope. 🚀🌍

On this day, every woman is a star, lighting up the sky with her unique and hopeful glow.
They're not just celebrating their achievements but also the journey they've shared, overcoming challenges with love and determination.
They inspire us all, not just today, but every day, in their tireless quest for fairness and justice.
Women's Day reminds us to keep their light shining bright, paving the way for a future that's even brighter.

Today and every day, we celebrate the women who are the soul of life. 🌟👩 Happy Women's Day! Let's continue fighting and dreaming together. 💪🌈

When the sun rises, every woman stands strong,
Like stars in the night, where they belong.
Their light shines bright, their dreams long,
In their glow, we find a bond.

They celebrate more than just wins,
But also the hard times, the thins.
Through love and grit, their journey begins,
Together, they face life’s spins.

They're warriors of hope, making paths clear,
With brave hearts, they have nothing to fear.
With each heartbeat, their dreams steer,
Their hope shines, year after year.

They look forward with eyes full of light,
Changing the world, making it right.
They inspire us all, day and night,
Fighting for fairness with all their might.

Equality is what they seek,
Through storms and calm, every week.
Their strength is mighty, never meek,
Together, their voices peak.

Women’s Day is their song,
A reminder of where they belong.
Their light shines all year long,
Their fight, righting every wrong.

Let their voices be heard, loud and true,
Their steps a beat, for me and you.
Let their spirit in everything we do,
Bring a world where love breaks through.

They light the way, never out of sight,
Guiding us through, with their light.
May their brightness never fade into the night,
Their spirit, our collective might.

So today, let’s look around and see,
The strength of women, free and key.
For them, for a brighter destiny,
In every woman, a star, let it be.

Let’s keep it simple, but let it ring,
In a world where being a woman is a beautiful thing.
Today and always, let’s let their praises sing,
In every woman, a star, with hope to bring.

© Shoshan

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