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Thinking of what men think


Thinking of what men think

There are things we should know about men... but worrying about what they think is too much.

Women spend more time
thinking about what men think
than men actually spend thinking.


If a man tells you
that he's wasn't thinking about anything,
believe it, because it's possible:
men are able to not think about anything.

Many times we think too much
about what they're thinking,
in the reason for his reactions,
on how they said something,
what they meant,
what they really wanted...

But men are usually simpler,
what they say i's usually
what's on their minds,
nothing else...

They do not say something
just because they want to say something else,
that could maybe affect you
in a different way
so that they could
get something else...

¿Sound complicated? It is.
Too much for them.

They are much more simple,
that kind of weird way of thinking,
is too complex for them.

So, let's stop worrying, women,
men think what they think,
and the rest, let it happen.

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