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If someone made you go through pain


If someone made you go through pain

Did they hurt you and you keep remembering and reliving it every single day? That's masochistic, learn to leave things behind.


If someone made you go through pain,
store it in your drawer,
the one you never open...
where things are forgotten
because they are unnecessary.

© author: Shoshan


Let's not live life in a bitter way,
always remembering how they hurt us,
on what they failed us,
what they could have done differently,
what our life would be like if they had not hurt us...

Let us not live thinking
that everything will happen again,
always mistrusting, never fully enjoying,
always fearing the worst,
always living half-heartedly,
always with remorse,
recriminations and reproaches...

It doesn't make sense,
life needs to be lived fully.

If you've moved on,
turn the page,
and even forgive if necessary.

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