A Christmas shower - Quote in pics  

A Christmas shower


Wishing you on this season, lots of peace, hope and happiness. Merry Christmas! https://bit.ly/Christmas-quotes

May a shower of peace,
hope, happiness, and love
soak you and splash
everyone around you.

Merry Christmas!


Merry Christmas,
I hope you get drenched in love,
happiness and peace.

May this Christmas be special,
may you enjoy it to the fullest,
and start the year
with renovated energy.


Don't be mad at your friends,
don't be mad at your brothers,
and love your parents...

Make sacrifices,
it's not easy to deal with families,
but for the love of your spouse, do so.

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Personal decisions shouldn't require public interrogations Wishes of happiness for December and Christmas Roads are meant for journeying, dreams for pursuing, and freedom for savoring. Live your own way, don't sweat the opinions of others Those who judge you for not giving more may have never truly valued what you gave in the first place Patience is the gift we give ourselves when we choose to trust the process Psalm 27:8 My heart tells me to seek the Lord my God Life is full of decisions You drown not by falling into a river Don't let the fear of tomorrow take away today's peace; God is with you at the break of each new day. A woman's strength is not in her ability to conform to society's standards, but in her courage to break them. You are the light of Christmas