Happy birthday, the best things are yet to come! - Quote in pics  

Happy birthday, the best things are yet to come!


Happy birthday, the best things are yet to come!

I know it hasn't been the best year...but don't let it bother you, you've made it through, and better things are yet to come.


Happy Birthday!

Forget the past;
look forward to the future,
because the best
is yet to come.


You have reached another year,
and it is true that perhaps
it hasn't been the best of them,
but you have made it through,
and you should be happy for that.

Congratulations on this great day, your birthday.
I sincerely believe that in the future
you will find that the best years,
the best experiences, new pleasures,
and new joys are in store for you.....

Happy birthday, and cheers to you.

It is true, this year that has just been completed
and it has not been the best of all
but now you are starting a new one
and it will bring you great joys.

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