I remember when we used to talk every day. I miss it. - Quote in pics  

I remember when we used to talk every day. I miss it.


I was thinking, and with sadness I see that we are no longer talking every day... It was very nice to talk to you on a daily basis, why did we stop doing it?

I remember when
we used to talk every day.
I miss it.


We used to talk every day,
we could spend hours talking,
laughing about things,
having fun,
telling each other intimacies
and feeling close to each other.

I miss that,
I miss those times with you,
they were very special
and gave me
the strength I needed every day.

I hope we can pick it up again,
I hope it's possible,
I wish we could go back to it
and it seems to me
that maybe you miss it too.

I remember those long conversations,
that time we spent together,
those moments together
that turned into a daily routine
and consequently also very homely.
I miss it.


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