You are no longer here, but your remembrance still lives in me - Quote in pics  

You are no longer here, but your remembrance still lives in me


When a loved one passes away, there is a huge void that even time is unable to completely erase.

You are no longer here,
I can now only see
the footprints of your past
left by you in the sand
and in the meadows.

Today the rain runs down my face,
mingling with my tears,
filled with love and sorrow,
because you are no longer in this world.

© Shoshan


Memories that remain,
special moments that were lived,
unforgettable times that are gone,
words, smiles, situations,
some that brought laughter,
others that felt more homely,
but the remembrances remain
between sadness, love,
beautiful memories
and the sadness
that comes from death.

Everything is confusing,
nothing is perfect,
you are no longer here on this earth,
and that space you carved out
in the center of my heart
was made to stay,
and will always be there.


Sad image for a person who has passed away,
a father, a mother, a brother, sister, a good friend.


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