We mature with the damage, not with the years - Quote in pics  

We mature with the damage, not with the years


Maturity is not something that comes with age, it is something that is forged through pain, suffering and overcoming the bad moments of life.

We mature with the damage,
not with the years.

- Mateus William


We tend to think
that the oldest people
are the most mature...

But this is not always the case,
for maturity is something
that is gained and built
through the experience of life.

- But -
There is no experience
that teaches more
than that one which
goes through pain and tribulation,
that which is unfair and painful,
that which hurts us and wounds our heart,
our sense of reality
and of what we can expect
from life and from others.

The more we suffer in life,
perhaps we are also mature the most,
because painful experiences
are the ones that lead us to reflect,
to ask the proper questions,
to meditate and to observe.

It is no comfort for anyone
to realize that the pain they suffer
may serve for something useful,
to attain greater maturity,
but at least we know that it is true.
At the very least that.

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