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I reassert I love you


I reassert I love you

You are loved by me, I love you. I hope there is no doubt in your heart or mind about it. I love you.


It's good
not to stop saying it,
so I reassert it:
a lot!!!


Do not have any doubt
that I love you, and very much...

I'm sorry if sometimes
I am not able to express it
as much as I should,
as much as I would like...
but I want you to know
that indeed, I love you,
and very much!

Sometimes I don't have a word,
or I keep myself from saying it
thinking that you already know so...
but on this day, on this occasion,
I want to tell you
in such a way
that you may have no doubt:

I love you, I love you,
I love you very, very much.

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