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An approachable person


An approachable person

It's worth being that person they come to for advice and encouragement... because it's rewarding to be like that.


If someone is lonely and looking for you,
it’s because you’re good company.

When someone is unhappy and still
tries to reach you, it’s because, with
your smiles and words, you are
someone who provides healing.

When someone is heartbroken
and tries to see you,
it’s because that person knows
that you can always help
and give advice on how to deal
with their problems.

When someone is in need
and asks for your help,
it’s not that the person wishes
to abuse your goodwill,
but that, in going through hardship,
a little push is needed
to to get out of that situation.

When someone seeks
your hug, kiss, or advice,
it’s because you are light,
you are peace,
and you sow seeds of hope.
© Shoshan

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