I miss you not just when I'm alone, but in all the happy moments I wish we could share together - Quote in pics  

I miss you not just when I'm alone, but in all the happy moments I wish we could share together


I miss you not just when I'm alone, but in all the happy moments I wish we could share together

Missing you in every detail, from the whispers of the wind to every snowflake. Every sigh of mine carries an infinite 'I love you'. #LoveDistance #IMissYou

"I miss you not just when I'm alone, but in all the happy moments I wish we could share together. In every whisper of the wind, I imagine your words of love. Each falling snowflake is like a sweet memory of you. I miss you and wish I could be by your side. But until that day comes, with every breath I take, I send you an endless 'I love you'."
© Shoshan

Love Across the Distance: A Christmas Letter

As Christmas approaches, I feel the distance between us more profoundly than ever. The streets are aglow with festive lights, and carols fill the air, yet there's a space in my heart that only you can fill.

I miss you during these holiday times, when families and friends gather. Each ornament I hang, each gift I wrap, each star twinkling in the sky, brings back memories of you. Despite the miles apart, I feel you close every time I close my eyes and think of you.

On these cold nights, I imagine your warmth, reminiscing about how our laughter mingled with Christmas songs. Though you're not here physically, I sense you in every snowflake that gently settles on the ground, as if each one were a sweet message from you.

I know this distance isn't forever, and that gives me hope. I dream of the day we can celebrate together, sharing the warmth of an embrace, exchanging smiles instead of messages. Until then, I send you all my love, wrapped in the warmest and most sincere wishes for this Christmas.

May happiness embrace you, health be with you, and the hope of our reunion shine brighter than any Christmas light. I am with you in spirit, now and forever, counting the days until we can be together again.

With all my love,


© Shoshan, 12/14/2023

Yuletide Whispers: Love Across the Miles

Beneath December skies, I think of you,
In this distance, love, I feel so true.
Lights twinkle, hearts aglow,
Yet without you, my soul walks slow.

Each snowflake, a kiss gone astray,
In cold nights, I've felt your warmth sway.
Bells chime, echoing your laughter,
In the Christmas breeze, your essence I gather.

In every star, a wish I keep,
For you to cross the threshold, not late nor deep.
Angels sing, their voices console,
But in my heart, your absence takes its toll.

Christmas comes, love in the air,
Yet without you, everything seems so bare.
Dreaming of the day we'll be together,
Under the mistletoe, seen by no other.

So this Christmas, I send my love your way,
Across hills, rivers, with no delay.
In this season of love and chill,
I wait for you, my warmth, my thrill.

Until our paths merge into one,
And our shadows blend in the setting sun,
I send you kisses, hugs in dreams,
Love across the distance, in Christmas themes.

© Shoshan

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