The first step in tidying up is to make a mess - Quote in pics  

The first step in tidying up is to make a mess


Do you ever feel that when you finally decide to tidy up, you end up turning your house upside down?

The first step in tidying up is to make a mess!!!
You have to take everything out
so you can put them in order.


You finally decide to tidy up,
but in order of doing so
you discover that you have to
take everything out of its place,
that you have to pull it out and move it,
that in a matter of minutes
the house is upside down,
everything is messy,
everything seems chaotic.

And if there is a lot to tidy up,
a lot to put in order,
a lot to organize,
then it is quite possible
that just a single day
may not be enough for you
to put everything in its place.

And so, for a day or two,
the house is a total chaos,
nothing seems to be in order,
everything is all over the place,
and you get stressed up
just looking around.

But it' s just the first step of tidying up,
because after this step
practically everything
will be in the place it should be,
the place you found for it,
the right place with everything
in its proper order.

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