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Let the spirit of Christmas wrap you in love, health, and joy The paradox of having a few days of rest and ending up more tired Give You a Hug Day Proverbs 25:11 A word spoken at the right time How could I not love you? When you are happy but still feel that something is missing Seek someone who sees a universe to discover in your eyes "Being kind to one another is the bridge that binds us, defying the storms of life and allowing us to cross into a future filled with compassion and respect." © Shoshan In honor of those who are no longer here, but never truly leave. Happy Day of the Dead. If they only look for you when they need something, it's not you they need, it's what you offer. Love should not be begged, love is either given or not given This Easter, let's reconnect with what truly matters seeking, listening, and living God's love like never before!